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Four villages benefit from state college’s non-formal education program

By Teng Lauban Datu,
Cotabato City Bureau Chief

COTABATO City — Five barangays benefit from non-formal education of the State College through community need assessment over the weekend.

The Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) under the leadership of Dr. Dammang S. Bantala is mandated the office of the Research and Extension Services to tie up with the city government and adjacent municipalities to undergo non-formal education through community need assessment.

The purpose of the program to empower the community through short course program to help and ease them providing other sources of income through technology transfer among the four sectors identified by the school.

Among the barangays were Barangay Datu Balabaran, Kalanganan 2, Tamontaka 1 and 2 this city and one from Maguindanao were successfully undergone orientation to continue non formal education through technical knowhow.

Extension Director headed by Dr. Samsia I. Beduya told the Gold Star Daily that all the college dean departments were made their modules particularly on the livelihood program, particularly on the college of agriculture on how to formulate an organic fertilizer to reduce the farm inputs expenses and to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

She said the school is mandated to assess the common problems to various barangay by selecting those barangays were interested in the said trainings so that they will be part of beneficiaries and soon to be used as part of their resources.

The beneficiaries of a certain barangay were grouped into four, for farmers, women, youths and barangay officials, all of these grouped were distributed to all department dean for instance, for farmers it would be under college of agriculture, women were handled by the college of education to promote on cooking, weaving and other skills, for the youth, particularly out of youth, they have to train on repair on the GI pipe of water and other skills to use as other resources and barangay officials to train them how to conduct parliamentary procedure particularly in their barangay. She added.

Other department like forestry courses how to preserve the environment, how to train them on solid waste management so that it would be as sources of organic fertilizer for farmers. She further stressed.

Dr. Beduya said the trainings would be finished upon all the beneficiaries were skilled in the particular line of expert for certificate award.

She said four barangay from Cotabato City were first to be experiments and one (1) from Maguindanao particularly in Barangay Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat the enclave of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) before it would continue the program upon the approval of the college president.

College President Bantala said has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the barangay officials who were welcomed the program so that any technology that supposed to teach to them will make it as a product of extension service of the school.

He assured that barangays beneficiaries to give all things at all cost as long as the beneficiaries were really interested in the program.

The barangay officials committed to school management to follow all the direction of the program.

Barangay chairman Bai Kabai Canaya of Barangay of Datu Balabaran this city has also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the school management for identifying their barangay as one of the beneficiaries of the program.

She said, money can easily be exhausted but the empowering of new technology is lasting to all beneficiaries.


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