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Should I Remain Solo or Join a Blogging Organization?

Are you a blogger? Do you want to learn how to blog? I believe this is the perfect time to be one. Today, you can just set one up in 30 minutes.

More than twelve years ago, I started blogging. All I know is that blogging is the digital form of your diary. It is still a diary though. Actually, to be honest, I got frustrated because the school paper will not let me write – probably because I never knew how to write to begin with. It was discouraging but it did not stop me.


Setting it up took me days and countless nights of writing my thoughts on a blank word document. HTML codes were a thing back then and one glorious mistake may result to format issues on your blog. It ain’t easy.


After setting it up, next is loading it up with content – your article and photos, and lastly promoting it. Today, the share button plays a vital role in distributing your lovely work. I know it can be daunting promoting your own work. We’re afraid to commit errors. I tell you those hiccups will build you up as you maneuver the blogging world. This was me starting my humble blog ages ago.


Scarcity and the drive to learn more led me to join a blogging group. You’d feel more relieved being in a flock with like-minded people. You’d hear and learn their challenges and how they’ve improved their blog. You get to be exposed to tons of events that will widen your horizon. You will also meet countless people and personalities. Being in a blogging society will surely give you an exposure you will truly value for the rest of your life.


It could be cool to be part of one but I must tell you to go back to your intentions. Is it learning from experienced bloggers? Is it networking? Is it exposure? Ask yourself before joining one. If I were a new blogger today, it could be worthwhile checking the blogging organization’s social media pages. Are they active? If yes, check what are the causes they represent. If it’s the opposite – ditch it. Go for a group that matches your interest. Go for a smaller group with a defined vision and mission. Do they empower a community? Do they help the community uplift its image? Do they give back to the community? Lastly, will this group influence me to be my best or leave me a mediocre frustrated blogger?


This could be a little harsh and it’s the reality. I don’t want to sugarcoat or pretend that it’s the perfect match for you. Joining a group has its pros and cons. It can be a little daunting but do remember that you have a choice. Choose, decide wisely and never settle for less.


Vic Madriaga is a member of the International Bloggers Association and handles the social media for a big medical organization based in Central London. Join his UK and European adventures, visit or follow him on Twitter & Instagram @vicmadz and on Facebook. Email:



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