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Tableya’s Heir

Some things grow better with time, one of which is the inherited recipe for creating the original drink that we Filipinos love, the Tableya.

Sharon Orias is the owner of Tableya ni Mommy Sha, a fast rising business being seen in bazaars, weddings, and in the online sphere. Originated from her grandmother in Bohol, passed on to her mother, and now to her in Cagayan de Oro, Mommy Sha’s dream was only to provide for her children by perfecting the means of how her mother provided for them when she was younger. And even as a 3rd generation Tableya maker, she develops the product at home and still in the traditional manner and tools, through her hands as all artists truly do. 

Modern Nanays of Mindanao was the stepping stone in developing her business, a circle of friends which supports each other in the local scene. Empowered by the group, she started selling to friends the passionately hand made 100% pure cacao tableya. Every event done by Modern Nanays, it was the perfect avenue for Mommy Sha to get a booth to sell her products that were later on purchased by mothers that love to make sikwate or champorado.

I was lucky enough to have a short chit chat with her and I asked her a couple of questions and these were her answers:

What is the most challenging part of creating Tableya?

I have to be honest. I am a mom with no extra help in the house and no one to look after my kids while I make the tableya. The process of making tableya is meticulous and consumes much of my time. So, I have to put my kids to sleep first to make tableya uninterrupted. And sometimes, I finish making tableya in the crack of dawn.

For you, what is the distinct flavor of a good Tableya?

Do you remember when you were a child and given a cup of sikwate? The aroma and the taste still lingers on your mind up to now. That’s the distinct flavor of a good tableya… it brings nostalgia.

What are your plans for the next few months this year?

It isn’t wrong for me to dream big but I would want my business to expand. I want to bring in more mothers in my business. Because it is empowering that mothers can work and take care of their kids at the same time.

How many days is needed for you to produce Tableya?

I make sure that the tableya isn’t done in a jiffy. It takes about 2-3 days for me to produce a great-tasting batch of tableya.

Where can customers find your tableya? facebook? Mobile?

Tableya ni Mommy Sha can be found in Ginama Store, Happy Earth Store, Nanay Choleng’s Muron (Ororama Branch).

We also have our own Facebook page:

You can also contact me at +639352784500.

I’ve always been a strong advocate in supporting local products, and I believe that Mommy Sha is a testament to the phrase “artistry is passed on from generation to generation”. With the modern culture these days of having so many drinks, I believe that paying homage and choosing to drink the OGs (original) is a higher road that should be taken by all. It is by supporting local businesses that we further expand growth in the food and beverage scene. And with a passionate individual like Sharon Orias, the lineage to good products is protected and furthermore perfected to be introduced to the next generation. An artist whose hands create masterpieces for people to enjoy in their drinks, let us continue to support her Tableya.


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