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When hearts beat fast: The Naval-Gomez Nuptials

“Heart beats fast / Colors and promises / How to be brave? / How can I love when I’m afraid to fall / But watching you stand alone? / All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow / One step closer.”

WITH that leading the medley of songs for the first dance of newlyweds Dr. Peter Naval and Vanessa Gomez-Naval, everyone could see the couple’s rhythm and chemistry as they danced to a choreography that ranged from waltz to hiphop.

The hopeless romantic among their guests did bask in the wedding’s elegant and graceful ambience, comforted by the thought that matches made in heaven are still possible in this age of Facebook and Instagram.

It was indeed through Instagram in April 2017 when Doc Pete said he “started stalking her,” meaning Vanessa, whom he described as this “beautiful chubby cheek girl” that he “found to be very gorgeous but unusual at the same time.”

“Unusual” because he had “never known a woman so active in traveling to so many tourist sites in the country.” That’s when he became more determined with his resolve “to find a way to know this very outgoing girl.” He sent her an Instagram message and later learned they did chat online two years before but were both too busy to meet then.

Through their constant chats online, Vanessa began to notice something: his love for her. Like that song in their first dance: “I have loved you for a thousand years/I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

A pre-nup photo shoot for Doc Pete’s best friend Engr. John Leonard Bernal and the latter’s fiancée Deeka was to be held in Ilocos Norte in June 2017. Doc Pete and Vanessa decided to be with them and it was there that he formally asked her to be his girlfriend.

On July 21, 2017, she answered yes.

A little over a year later, on Sept. 28, they exchanged vows at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Xavier Estates, Cagayan de Oro.

Resplendent in a gown by Teresing’s Bridals CDO, the beautiful bride glided down the aisle with her parents, Mindanao Gold Star Daily
Editor-in-Chief Herbie and Marites Gomez.

Doc Pete met them near the altar where he was accompanied by his parents, Engr. Homer and Jocelyn Naval.

During the Mass’s homily, officiating priest Rev. Fr. Jessel “Jayboy” Gonzales, SJ shared this to his former student and sacristan, and the latter’s bride: “Marriage is a school of love. You do not stop learning what love is.”

With 23 pairs of principal sponsors, the newlyweds would be guided by the tender loving care and wisdom of their godparents who only have the couple’s best interests at heart.

Their ninong Lt. Col. Ronald Illana jokingly advised the groom to play golf or have an organization as a valid excuse to be out of the house. His other advice was to go forth and multiply. Ninang Pilar Bong Aban-Sarangay also shared her words of wisdom to the couple.

Mother of the bride Marites advised her eldest daughter and son-in-law to “keep the love alive.” She said that Herbie wanted to have another son in addition to their unico hijo, Jian Paul Jireh Gomez, who by the way was one of the groomsmen. Now that Doc Pete is part of their family, that’s finally a wish fulfilled for Herbie.

The groom’s mom Jocelyn told the couple that everything is easy when there is God, and “kung mahal mo ang tao, very easy to say sorry.”

In their wedding video that’s titled, My Heart Petes for Van, Doc Pete said he prays for their relationship to remain strong, while Vanessa thanked him for “bringing out the best in me and for loving me unconditionally.”

The cocktails and wedding reception at Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club were relaxed and truly a party as the dancing began even before dinner with the entrance of the entourage. Guests were encouraged to let their hair down through the line dancing with best man Engr. John, maid of honor Shanelle Aubrey Gianina Gomez, who’s the bride’s younger sister, together with the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

White flowers with a few splashes of red roses filled both the church and the reception’s venue. When white and red are combined, the result is the wedding’s motif, blush pink.

The groom’s suit was also by Teresing’s Bridals CDO. The attire for the entourage and both parents were by Citylights Gowns. The couple also thanked their coordinator and event stylist Ryan Pepito of Ryan Production Weddings and Events, makeup artist Len-len Anaya, hairstylist Maricel Salise, Brospage Videolab, and Carlogaid Photography.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Doc Pete and Vanessa! Cheers!


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